Bears used by permission of the Boyd's Collection


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A special Thank You to all of
The lovely people who sent 
These great gifts



A beautiful gift for my best friend and me
From a wonderful friend, thanks, Sandi!
This is very special.






I am delighted to accept this
Wonderful gift from my
special friend, Sandi---
Thank you so much! 
Check out her delightful web site here.





Thank you Olga for this lovely globe.  
Click above to visit her site.







This darling globe is a gift from Elfje.
Thank you !



Some grapics used in graphic above

came from Marlene's Tubes





Special thanks to the Boyd's Collection

for permission to use their adorable bears.

I am not affiliated with Boyd's in any way.

Not all bears depicted are part of the Boyd's Collection.

Visit the cute & cuddly Boyd's bears

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